Our lead


Our patented aptamers have demonstrated benefits in animal models of disease

These new drug candidates come with several advantages over conventional biologic medicines, such as monoclonal antibodies

Simple synthetic drug molecules
Non-immunogenic - ideal for chronic treatment
Functional modulation of known immune targets
Proprietary platform - a pipeline of aptamers for a growing repertoire of targets
Vastly less costly than today's best biologic medicines

Introducing PEG-CCS13

A next-generation DNA aptamer with functional characteristics

D5Pharma’s lead drug candidate is PEG-CCS13, a PEGylated single-stranded DNA aptamer that is a selective agonist for the inflammatory modulator, CD200R1, a glycoprotein receptor found on the surface of immune cells. CD200R1 acts as the receptor target for CD200-presenting cells during natural signalling processes that body invokes to dampen the immune response. PEG-CCS13 is a synthetic agonist for this receptor, acting much like an antibody, and enabling immune reactions to be brought under control by a novel mechanism that is distinct from today's commonly prescribed anti-TNF medicines. As a consequence of D5Pharma's unique selection approach, PEG-CCS13 is, moreover, a cross-reacting DNA aptamer that selectively recognizes both mouse and human targets, enabling direct bridging from pre-clinical to clinical studies. The addition of the PEGylation, a synthetic modification, allows PEG-CCS13 to be injected and maintained in the circulation for longer and more therapeutically relevant periods of time. This lead candidate has demonstrated efficacy in pre-clinical models of human inflammatory disease.